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Start Playing Lax!

New to lacrosse? Here is how you can jump in the mix…

1. Attend a Camp. Camps are a great place to kick off your career as the next big lax star! It is important to learn the fundamentals correctly the first time around, bad habits are hard to break! 

2. Call your local Youth Sports Organization. If there aren’t any camps going on during your point of lacrosse world entrance, check with your local youth sports club to see if they offer lacrosse. Chances are they do and they can get you on the right team. Calling your local middle and high school athletic departments and coaches can also be a great lax source. Jumping on a team never having played before isn’t a big deal, just get out there and play and you can refine your skills when a camp comes around.

3. Check the Net. Check out these sites to see who is playing where…

Also, check out other lax sites such as:

4. YouTube Lax. Watching video of lax games (or CSTV) and great plays are a good way to learn and enhance your lax game. Get on and start the search. Check out those college games!

5. Still no luck? Email us, we’ll be happy to help you find lax in your neck of the woods.


Best way to start- get a stick and start throwing around!

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