Vail 2014

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Vail 2014!

It’s that time of year again, woot woot! 2014 Vail Team – here we come! First and foremost, we would like to announce that we will be playing on behalf of The Rett Syndrome once again this year! We are STOKED to play for a purpose and support a cause that we very much believe in! Ella (beautiful pic below) has the Rett syndrome and is our inspiration- living life like a BOSS!



 Team Vail ShootOut 2014- 2nd Place!

vail 2014

vail 2014 2

2nd place

Team Vail 2014 Team Write Up:

Every July, Team CRS LAX brings players together from across the country to lax stick cheers at 8, 150ft and build friendships. We have been involved in the Vail Shootout for years and the camaraderie and relationships built at high altitude, never cease to amaze us. We love a libation or two, but we really love the kick back scene of lax game post thunderstorm, flowered shorts, unkept hair cuts, incred tan lines, and all around classy behavior- these are our people. We have top players from D1 programs as well as Colorado local all stars, always aiming to compete at the top… but the trophies lasts a weekend, friendships last a life time. Cheers, Vail.

Team Vail 2013 Team Write Up:

Team…once again playing on behalf of The Rett Syndrome!

We be on our skirt suit and tie, skirt suit and tie. Can we show you a few things?
A few things, a few things, little baby cause, we be on our skirt suit and tie, skirt suit and tie.
You can’t wait til we hit the floor, cuz we’re good-looking
Going out so hot, just like an oven
Careful you’ll burn yourself, but you just had to touch it
It’s so fly and Vail, we’re all yours
Hey baby, we don’t mind all the watching
Cause if they study close, real close
They might learn something
We ain’t nothing but a little doozies when we do it
We’re so fly.. 4th of July:)

Purple, Tan, skinny, rich, serious- Team is Lacrosse Fit and ready for the 2013 Vail Shootout. XO.

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